15 gadgets from Who Drives a Car Will Want To Own

Have you ever heard about car cool tech add-ons well if you don’t and you own a car then this is something you need to know for sure? Well, car detailing is something that can make your car look somewhat different, more expensive, and brand new. It is adding some exciting pieces of stuff to your car, whether it’s for safety purpose or looks. Well, today we are going to talk all about the car accessories, essentials and much more that every car owner will want to own.

Increasing car sales and the rise of new companies providing products for cars

Nowadays the technology encroachment has led to the modernization of the world and due to this people are adopting the latest technological innovations moderately. According to research, the statistics depict that from 1990 to 2019, there are in total of 78.7 million cars sold till now. By this, you can have an estimate that at what extent the number of people using the cars is increasing. It has given birth to a whole bunch of companies that have jumped in the market with some cool gadgets for the cars that to let you have a better experience while driving,

Fifteen car products that you will want to have as a car owner

  1. Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and warmer

Mini fridges are one of the great options when it comes to going on road trips on your car. These are small in size that’s why not a big issue to place in the car is moreover it is useful as well. It will keep your drinks and another foodstuff at the temperature you want-hot or cold or medium as per your preferences.

Credits to : coolest-gadgets.com

The Cooluli Mini Fridge electric cooler and warmer is lightweight making it portable to carry in and out the car and consumes less power, carrying handle that makes it easy to handle it and also it is available in many color variants as well. It can hold up to 12 ounces of cans at once, thus can easily meet the needs for family picnic or friends hangout trip.

  • Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo carrier

If you carry bulky items in your car then the gadget you might need is rooftop cargo holder. These are carriers that are designed to balance the entire weight and thus to manage the storage capacity. The particular holder that I mentioned above is capable of carrying as many as luggage up to 16 cubic feet. The holder is particularly rapid when it comes to mounting it on to the roof because of its power click system. Not only can this but you stay assured that it will remain attached to the surface. The design that it possesses eradicated the risk of anything being collided; therefore, it is safe as well.

  • Wacaco Minipresso GR Espresso machine

Are you an extremist coffee person? If yes then here we have something for you that will overwhelm you during the long journeys in your car. Well, the Minipresso Espresso machine that you can count for making you feel fresh during the long trips. This machine is so much handy when it comes to portability as it is a compact flask that makes you a cup of up to the mark coffee in every use with its excellent extraction pressure.

You don’t need any power supply for it; only you need to do is your hand power, which means that you don’t have to spend money on those expensive batteries.

  • Black and Decker’s lithium Hand vacuum cleaner

Cleaning the exteriors of your car doesn’t mean a proper cleanup, but the internal accessories of the car also need to be cleaned. SO for that purpose, you can ease your work by opting for a handy vacuum cleaner. The Black and Decker are known for their tools, and thus they had come up with the fantastic vacuum cleaner having lithium batteries that last for long. After a year only it requires charging; therefore, it is perfect for keeping in the car to clean the inside of your car.

Credits to : amazon.com
  • Seat protector and the back seat organizer

If you have kids and you often go on vacations with your family, then one must-have for your car is a rear seat organizer. These organizers hook up over the back of the car seat and provide extra storage for various pieces of stuff. Well, not only this but if you opt for fabric organizers for your car, then it also protects the covers of the seat. Here I would recommend you to go for the one having sections of different sized compartments in it; thereby all the things will not mess up all in one pocket.

  • Snailax Shiatsu massage cushion

Well, the particular product is a must for you if you usually face pain issues while driving the car; also it adds an elegant look to the passenger’s seat. It is a device that relaxes you with its four rotating nodes that heat up and thus provides relax to the exhausted muscles. There are various types of massage options and intensity missions in the particular cushion that you can use as per your needs.

  • Trunk organizers

Trunk organizers are something that can take the neatness level of your car to some other level making it perfect for the neat freaks out there. You can opt for the Starling’s car Trunk organizer which comes with three compartments inside and has two pockets in outside as well. Therefore, you can easily manage things. Not only this but two handles make it easy to carry, and you know what the best part is that the organizer is made from a very durable oxford polyester that is waterproof.

  • SmartStart GPS from Viper

If you travel a lot or if you are a technology freak, then one must-have thing you should opt for if the Viper’s SmartStart GPS. If I tell you later, you won’t believe, but with this cool tech on the feature, you can control your car without getting into it just like in the childhood you used to handle the remote control cars. With its help you can locate your car and can even monitor the speed of the car if someone else is driving it; also you can start the car with the remote.

Credits to : vipertraq.com
  • Hudway Cast Heads-up Display

Do you get distracted by seeing in the mobile for the map while driving the car? Well, it is not only distracting but is risky as well, it is because looking in your phone while driving the car takes your eyes off the road and increases the chances of meeting an accident. Therefore, you need a cast heads up display. It casts the screen of your mobile on to the windshield, and you can quickly drive while looking at the map.

  1. Cell phone signal booster

The gadget is beneficial to be placed in the car as it boosts up the signal of your cell phone, and thereby, you will not need to face any issues regarding voice at the calls.

  1. Car Swivel Tray

If you are used to eating foodstuff in the car, then it can be hazardous for you if you are alone. Well, the alternative for you is the car swivel tray of which height can be adjusted as and thus works best for the foodies.

  1. Ant-Slip ripple Sticky dash Grip Mat

Well, if you struggle to place the stuff on the car’s dashboard and they keep on slipping, then you need a sticky anti-slip mat for sure. Thereby, anything you will keep on the map, whether its Keys, Mobile phone, Glasses will not fall in any case.

Credits to : onlineshop-lb.com
  1. Backup camera

If you had just learned driving the car, then you may are dealing with the issues of parking the car using the reverse gear and might end up crashing with some wall of the vehicle. Well, if that’s the case, then you need a backup camera that will help you to see the forage of the backside correctly, and you will be able to park your car with ease.

  1. Magnetic Phone Car mount

It is a magnetic gadget on which you can mount your phone, and it will hold up the phone for you making it more accessible. Thus your phone will be securely mounted on to this moreover it is easy to install.

  1. Backtrack Keychain Breathalyzer

We all know that it is to drink and drive. Most of the accidents happen due to this particular reason. But the problem is that sometimes we are not able to understand whether we are over or under the influence of alcohol. It is when the breathalyzer comes handy in figuring out the influence of alcohol.

That’s all for the fresh tech add-on products that you can have for your car. These pieces of gadgets will surely raise your driving experience. You can choose the one that you find the must for you — all it depends on your preferences.

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