8 Bad habits you never knew were bad

There are things that we do in routine, and this is what a habit is! You must have heard people saying that old habits are hard to break and new ones are hard to develop. Is it challenging to give up doing something can be harmful in the long term?  Well, this is kind of right that breaking old habits is difficult, but with little determination and will power, there is nothing you can’t do.  To begin with the self improvising, you first need to know what everyday bad habits we have and we are not even aware of. Here is the list of silly things we all do and might also be aware of but are lazy enough to drop them!

What are the different bad habits most of us own?

  1. Over thinking and end up being negatives!

We lose our self-esteem and start thinking less of ourselves and feeling inferior. This all comes one sees someone else doing better, getting better, or looking better. You are unique buddy, sustain it!

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  • Putting up with people who make us feel inferior!

There are different types of people, and some of them enjoy seeing other people in pain and misery. They will knock you down make you feel low to feel good about themselves.

  • Sickening habits like nose picking or nail-biting!

Okay, this is something silly but needs our attention. We all knowingly or innocently do these things. Those this mostly happens when we know that nobody is seeing us. Well, you have tissues and nails cutters for these.

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  • Addictive activities like drinking or smoking!

These are the dangerous ones out of all other mentioned habit. They turn in addiction within no time. Do not start it under peer pressure and if it’s too late, seek help.

  • Overeating junk food or stress eating!

This is bad for your digestion and metabolism of the body. Also, random eating habit gives you a bulged tummy that does not make you look good.

  • Lying more often or going off track of our morals and values!

There are times when certain things don’t go our ways, or we get caught in the trap of lies. Stay honest at your heart, and do good to stay functional. Stick to your beliefs and morals.

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  • Staying in bad situations and relationships!

Most of us get so attached to some things and people that we stay even when they hurt us. Maintain your distance from such negative surroundings and walk away.

  • Spending all or most of the times on technology!

This is something you should not let affect or stress you! Technology like phones and TV are meant to entertain you, not spoil you.

How to get rid of a bad habit?

The philosophical logical might say that, “Nah! I can easily give it up.” But when the reality hits, we find that it is easier said than done. To rescue you out of your misery, here I am to tell you how to get rid of them! One thing that is to be keeping in mind most importantly is that no addiction or lousy habit will leave you in a day. Neither you will be able to leave it in a short amount of time or quickly.

You will always be tempted to do it, but there you will have to strengthen your will power and resist it. It will take time, and it does take time. Leaving it all of a sudden could have a negative and dangerous impact on your mind and body that was used of it. So the better and easier way is to leave it gradually.

Why is it hard to leave a habit we know is bad for us?

Physiological researches say that the people who are not aware of the harmful effects of these bad can quit them efficiently once they get to know about them. On the other hand, some people are aware of all the harmful effects of their bad habits but still are not able to drop them. This is because of addiction to that habit. This addiction, as we commonly know, can be of various addictive things like smoking, drinking, or consumes drugs. But nothing is impossible if your loved ones support you and get the medicinal help that you need to avoid and end the addiction.

Reading this if you are ready to step ahead and think about your bad habits then you rock and let me assure you that you can do it!

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