7 Signs you’re About to Enter the Friend Zone

Knowing that you are not the priority of someone whom you love madly is something that is the most heartbreaking thing. Many people face the situation when they like someone from the core of their heart, but the one whom they love doesn’t feel the same way. The feeling can even lead to some emotions that are way too complicated to handle. Once you get friend entirely zoned, there are no chances of the getting out of the zone for all eternity. Also, there is nothing that you can do about it; however, if you get the hint beforehand, then at least you can make some efforts.

Therefore, here are some signs that you are about to enter into the friend-zoned arena:

  1. When they imagine you to look good with someone else

If the one whom you are falling for keeps on trying to set your bond with some of their friends, then there are huge chances, they don’t feel the same way.

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  • When she tells you about her crush

It is undeniable that if you know about her/his crush and they keep on telling you about them, then these are the signs that you are more than a best friend to her. However, many best friends make up even best couples, but the cases are just a few. Therefore, in this case, you can try your best to show the person that you also love them, let them know how much do your care.

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  • Friend and partner dilemma

You all may have heard the thing several times from your partner. The case happens when you do every single thing that a partner does for their love, you make her feel pretty, buy gifts for her, make them feel safe and protected, except one thing that is being intimate.

  • when you crush, don’t take any initiate 

Whenever you guys meet they never dress up for you to make you feel impressed from them. Even when you both are alone at someplace say home, and they still don’t make any move and you can’t. It is one of the signs that the feelings are not the same from the other side.

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  • Subtle words as hints

You should take notice of what words your crush use for you. For instance, they always say that you are a good friend of them, not the one whom they feel lucky to have in their life.

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  • You’re cute

They always say you are cute and adorable. They never say things that can reflect that they love you, which means that you are their beloved one but not as a partner.

  • Joke

IF the friends of your crush make a joke on you that you are friend-zoned, then there are 90% chances that they are telling the bitter truth under the guise of sarcasm.

These are some of the signs from which you should understand that you are getting friend-zoned and you need to do something. These signs will clear the things in your mind and will allow you to pre-plan your efforts.

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