Quiz: The Ultimate Los Angeles Lakers Quiz

Who led the Lakers in scoring during the 1987-'88 regular season?
James Worthy
Magic Johnson
Mychal Thompson
Byron Scott

Who scored on the Magic Johnson assist that put Magic ahead of Oscar Robertson?
Sam Perkins
Terry Teagle
James Worthy
Byron Scott

Which of these players never made an all-star appearance?
Eddie Jones
Michael Cooper
Nick Van Exel
Ac Green

Before joining the Laker teams of the late 80's, who was known as the "Laker Killer"?
Terry Teagle
Frank Brickowski
Mychal Thompson
Isaiah Rider

What or who did Kobe Bryant's parent's name him after?
A Type Of Steak
A Seaport On The Southern Coast Of Honshu, Japan
In Honor Of His Grandfather
A Main Character In A Book That They Read

What Los Angeles Laker had the best free throw percentage in his playoff career?
Magic Johnson
Kurt Rambis
Byron Scott
Eddie Jones

Which shoe company sponsored LA Laker Kobe Bryant in 2004?

Who won the 1972-73 NBA Championship beating the Los Angeles Lakers 4 to 1?
Baltimore Bullets
Boston Celtics
Los Angeles Lakers
New York Knicks

Who led the Lakers in points in the 1996-1997 season?
Shaquille O'Neal
Eddie Jones
Kobe Bryant
Nick Van Exel

What is the real name of Cookie Johnson, Magic Johnson's wife?

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