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7 Facts every Cat lover should know

Cats are considered by lots of individuals as a pet. All cat owners are trying to get complete details about the cats by which they can easily take care of them. For such a task, everyone should have complete details about the cat. In the upcoming points, I’m going to share some fun facts related to the cats.

  1. Love to sleep

As we know that sleep is an important thing for a human being. By considering it, they are able to provide a good rest to the body. If we talk about the cats, then it loves to sleep. A cat is capable of spending a whole day by sleeping. It depends on the individuals how they are managing the cat and their activities. If we talk about an average sleeping time of cat, then it is 12 to 15 hours a day. With age, the sleeping time is increasing.

credits : animalwised.com
  • More Bones

If we talk about a total number of bones in a human being, then it is 206. In case you focus on the bone structure of cats, then you can see a total of 230 bones there. With it, the cat body is lacking in collar bones. The extra bones are available in the spine and tail area of the body. These things are becoming a reason for additional flexibility in the body.

  • Front paw direction

In humans, the individuals are differentiated as the right handed or left handed. These types of factors are also working in the case of cats. Mainly the cats are differentiated by paying attention to the left or right front paw. According to the experts, 90 percent of female cats are available with right pawed elements. Most of the female ones are left pawed.

credits : catster.com
  • Third eyelid

The third eyelid is available in many mammals. The cats also have these ones. It is considered as the palpebra tertia. It is an inner membrane. With the functions of this particular part, the cats are capable of keeping the eyes healthy and clean every time. It works by removing dirt and dust from eyes quickly. With all these things, the supply of moisture is maintained by it.

  • Different nose pattern

All human beings have different fingerprints. If we talk about the cats, then you can see similar thing related to the pattern of the nose. The nose of all types of cats is different.

  • Cat has speed

The movement of the speed of cats is higher as compared to human beings. Mainly the individuals are considering Usain Bolt as the fastest one. Speed of cats is higher than him. According to the experts, the recorded speed of cat is 30 miles per hour.

  • Do not recognize sweet food

We are able to recognize the taste of food with the help of the tongue. Similar, the cats are having a specific tooth. You may get shocked by knowing that the cats do not have a sweet tooth. It means cats are not capable of taste sweet food.

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