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Quiz : How Well Do You Know Blackpink

How Well Do You Know Black Pink?

Credits to : Dollars-D

Among the bands that contributed a lot towards the progression of kpop music, BLACKPINK kpop holds a prominent place. BLACKPINK kpop is a band that is made out of four members. This is a female band, which is revolutionizing the kpop industry. They were also able to introduce some unique trends to kpop music within the recent past. The kpop band was established back in 2016. They have only been there for less than three years, but their contributions to the kpop industry are outstanding. Therefore, you are encouraged to learn a lot about the band.

2019 is one of the most successful years for BLACKPINK kpop band. That’s because they were able to get into the Billboard 200 and Billboard Top 100 charts. The band could secure this position due to the iconic song titled “Kill This Love”. It is with this song where people in all parts of the world got to know about the band . As soon as it was uploaded to YouTube, millions of people watched it. It also became the most viewed song of a Kpop music group in YouTube within 24 hours of release. It helped the  group to secure many international concerts and performances as well.

If you are interested in learning more about this Korean pop girl band, you can go through the quiz that we provide. It coveres some of the lesser known facts about the band as well. As a result, you will easily be able to enhance the overall knowledge and understanding that you have about the band and its performers. You can also learn about their songs and the contributions to the kpop industry by going through it.

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