Tuesday , November 19 2019
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Quiz : Only 30% Of Kpop Fans Can Finish This Quiz

K-pop is the abbreviation that is being used to define Korean Pop. It is one of the most popular music genres that originated in South Korea. The K-pop culture originated during the 90s. However, it took some time for the culture to become popular. It also represents the domestic pop music culture that can be found in...

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Quiz : How Well Do You Know Blackpink

Among the bands that contributed a lot towards the progression of kpop music, BLACKPINK kpop holds a prominent place. BLACKPINK kpop is a band that is made out of four members. This is a female band, which is revolutionizing the kpop industry. They were also able to introduce some unique trends to kpop music within the recent...

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Quiz : Can You Guess The Movie From Its Iconic Quote?

When you are watching a movie, you come across many great quotes. We often remember the greatest quotes from the movies after watching them as well. In fact, these great quotes build up the foundation for an excellent movie at the end of the day. If you are a movie fan, you would be interested in getting to know how much you are familiar with the quotes from...

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Quiz : How Much Do You Know About BTS Superstars?

BTS kpop band has been performing since 2013. Within a short period of time, they were able to contribute heavily towards the Kpop industry. As a result, they could position themselves as a strong band in the industry as well. This boy band consists of seven members. All these seven members are contributing towards the success of this band since its inception. Therefore, the band has been able to...

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Quiz : Not Even Michael Scott Can Get More Than 15/20 In This Quiz

The Office is one of the most popular American TV shows. It was aired on television for 8 consecutive years, from 2005 to 2013. People who lived in all parts of the world embraced this TV show due to the unique storyline and the impressive portrayal of characters. It is not an original concept, but an adaptation from the TV show, which was telecasted on BBC with the same name. However...

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Quiz : How Well Do You Know EXO?

When you go through the Korean Pop groups, you will come across EXO kpop group. It is one of the most prominent pop groups, which has been able to revolutionize the music industry in the past. This group is based in South Korea. The Kpop group is equipped with nine members as of now.

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